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Bot Mark

The Discord Bot-Mark is a powerful tool designed to streamline and automate turn management (Secret Peak, Magic Square) in your Discord server. With this bot, you can keep an accurate record of member entry and exit, maintain a designated order, and ensure a smooth experience for everyone involved.

Boss Mark

With its accompanying web page, players can easily record and manage the appearance times of bosses, ensuring efficient resource management and fostering a collaborative gaming community.


Categorized into Administrator and User functionalities


  • Setup: Easily configure and initialize the bot in your server using the simple setup feature. This ensures a smooth onboarding process and allows you to customize the bot according to your server's specific requirements.
  • User Penalties: Administrators have the power to penalize specific users, preventing them from marking boss attendance. This feature helps maintain order and fairness within the attendance tracking system.
  • Penalty Management: Administrators can conveniently manage and remove penalties for users. This allows for flexible administration, ensuring that penalties are adjusted or removed as needed.
  • User Attendance Deletion: Administrators have the ability to delete specific users' attendance records. This feature comes in handy when correcting mistakes or removing inaccurate data.
  • User Attendance Modification: Administrators can modify the recorded attendance time for individual users. This feature accommodates situations where adjustments need to be made to ensure accurate data.
  • Penalty Type Configuration: Administrators can choose between fixed or cumulative penalty types. This flexibility allows for customization based on the server's preferences and rules.
  • Custom Magic Square or Secret Peak: Administrators can create custom Magic Square or Secret Peak configurations, tailored to the specific needs and preferences of their Discord server. This feature enhances the uniqueness and personalization of the boss order system.


  • Language Selection: Users have the option to choose their preferred language for boss notification. This feature ensures that each user receives notifications in their desired language, enhancing their overall user experience.

With these comprehensive administrative and user functionalities, your bot provides a seamless experience for administrators to manage the system effectively and for users to customize their preferences. Enjoy the flexibility, customization, and organization that your bot brings to your Discord server, ensuring a streamlined and enjoyable boss attendance tracking process.