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About Us

What is NFT Items Trade?

Mir4 Items Trade allows you to display the tradable items of an NFT on Mir4, so you can look at NFTs from another point of view. so we recommend you to use Mir4 Items Trade.

Competing with Mir4 NFT?

No, we never compete. Our aim is to offer investors/players a more flexible and useful site. NFT is evolving a lot and continues to evolve. NFTs are valuable and we aim to make them more valuable.

How to Notify New System?

Since our site is new, we understand that a lot is missing. It may be missing, if you have an idea, you can contact us by e-mail.

How to Support or Donate?

Thanks to support/donors, our site is even more will develop and accelerate.

My inspiration

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About Me

Tavo Farias

A Freelance
Location: Venezuela
E-Mail: fariass.gustavooo@gmail.com
My character: Taoist Lv 120 (
). 😂🤣